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Technological progress has become the basis for many of the structural changes that are taking place in the world economy.

The technological revolution, characterized perhaps by advances in microelectronics, but also by advances in new materials, biotechnology, and renewable energy, is having a major impact on the character of global economic activity and international economic relations.

This is how, in a rapidly developing market, companies in all industries need to ensure that their devices are of the highest quality, increasingly efficient and comply with international regulations.

Similarly, innovations driving the development of smaller, more technically sophisticated electronics are transforming the electronics assembly landscape. Manufacturers are under pressure to make further advances in miniaturization, improve device performance, reduce costs, and speed time to market.

These factors have a significant impact on their design and production processes, including the introduction of matrix-level features such as microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

In this way, companies in all industries are subject to high customer expectations; the use of emerging technologies; innovation and global competition.

One consequence of such changes is the growing importance of the services sector in advanced economies.

In particular, producer services, that is, those used by companies as inputs in their own production of goods and services, which has become a highly dynamic sector and the main determinant of productivity and competitiveness.

These producer services are provided by Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), a term used for companies that design, manufacture, test, distribute, and provide laboratories services for electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers.


This will help you bring your product to market faster as critical issues can be identified more quickly and more reliably. The expert Lab staff working closely with manufacturing specialist will be able to consult you and help you achieve your products targets.

Here are the areas where Laboratories services can help:

  • Create and execute R&D projects
  • Investigate counterfeit components
  • Material evaluation
  • Component qualification
  • Product Qualification
  • Failure Analysis
  • Qualify new processes to regulatory and customer needs
  • Commission new equipment
  • Improve mechanical design robustness
  • Quantify and improve product reliability
  • Find the root cause of manufacturing quality issues
  • Increase production yields

Improve supplier quality and/or select alternate suppliers



The laboratories helps you proactively adjust your product, component design, or manufacturing processes to quantify or boost quality and reliability.

To quickly determine the underlying reason of field failures. Since the Lab is located inside the factory a rapid response time provides you with the tools you need to tackle issues that may affect the brand loyalty of your end customers. With failure analysis performed in the context of manufacturing, it equips you with the crucial information that transforms raw data into decisions.

The combination of EMS services with inhouse Lab services provide you end-to-end product lifecycle solutions, that not only provide you with access to the design, manufacturing, and supply chain experience. But also Increases our ability to identify any obstacles and rapidly resolving them.

Consequently, the combination of EMS service provider with Lab services helps you to develop strategies, through:

  • The timely modification of products, component design or manufacturing processes to avoid future complications, as well as to quantify or increase quality and reliability.
  • The creation of different products, and strategies to be above the competition.
  • Quick understanding of the root cause of field failures to quickly respond and resolve issues that can impact customer brand loyalty.
  • The improvement of the life cycle of a product.
  • Discovering market needs and taking on challenges.
  • Faster problem solving.

In this way, they offer specialized business solutions to improve quality, productivity, safety and reduce risks, that is, complete life cycle solutions, they offer their clients the optimization of the supply chain, they help to face the challenges of the market and minimize field costs.

As your products get established to the market, it is sometimes necessary to improve the robustness of the mechanical design, allowing the obtaining of high-quality products at low cost.

What is sought is to exceed customer expectations by giving importance to those parameters that interest the customer and save money on others that do not interest him.


In conclusion, you should make sure that your next service provider offers Laboratory Services on top of engineering or manufacturing service. This will enable you to get end-to-end services, materials management, manufacturing and testing, ranging from product prototyping to optimize manufacturing, to final series production.

You should focus on four key areas such as product, process, quality and testing; and get an experienced partner for the development and manufacture of products through certified quality systems with the most demanding standards in each sector, the partner must assume each project regardless of the level of maturity in which it is found, their factories must be equipped with equipment and machines with the latest technologies at the forefront of electronic production, they need to monitor the product or service and work together with you so that the end customer is 100% satisfied with the results.

To learn more about Laboratory services, and the Material sciences, quality reliability and all available test equipment. I can provide you an overview of equipment and more specific tests that can be performed.

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